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  • June 12, 2024
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Using couples therapy to avoid divorce

Achieve a more honest interaction by becoming aware of your individual standpoints and acquiring tools to stand by them. This is for those experiencing recurring conflict avoidance, ambiguity, or a relationship characterized by broken promises. It’s also for those desiring more openness between each other.

Conflict Avoidance and Pushback in Relationships

  • Do you feel like you and your partner don’t always clearly communicate your thoughts, feelings, and personal opinions on everyday decisions?
  • Do you find that significant or minor promises have been broken, making it difficult for you or your partner to fully trust the statements you make to each other?
  • Do you find it challenging to create space for each of you to say yes or no to each other in daily life?
  • Do you notice that avoiding conflicts instead of clearly expressing yourselves affects trust and respect between you?
  • Do you long for more open and responsible communication where you both speak truthfully and take responsibility for your words?

If you and your partner lack pushback from each other, it can result in ambiguity, distrust, and possibly an indirect testing of the relationship’s boundaries.

When you seek my help, parterapi, we work on creating space for more honesty, openness, and direct communication between you. This allows you to build greater mutual respect and fundamental trust in each other.

What’s Needed to Embrace Clarity and Directness?

The situation preventing you and your partner from providing clear and honest pushback can be resolved. I can help you make room for your standpoints in a way that brings you closer together in the process.

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You and your partner get better pushback by:

  • Gaining insight into what good pushback means for you both and how you specifically need to live out that part of your relationship for it to feel meaningful to you.
  • Practically training to identify your respective standpoints and put concrete words to what you feel.
  • Getting inspiration on how to express and stand by your thoughts, feelings, and standpoints in a respectful and clear manner.

That is where couples therapy can help.