• July 6, 2024
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Foster a New Space and Connection with Couples Therapy and Coaching

Bring more depth, life, and intimacy between you and your partner by fostering a new space and connection in your relationship. This is for those experiencing that closeness is drowned in everyday routines or finding it hard to rediscover their shared spark. It’s also for those longing for more intimacy in their daily lives.

Attraction and Distance in Relationships

  • Do you feel like you and your partner have drifted apart physically and intimately, longing for more closeness in everyday life?
  • Do you find that everyday life has worn down your relationship, and work, routines, and laundry drain you of energy and desire for intimacy?
  • Do you think it’s challenging to tap into the emotions that once brought you together with your partner?
  • Do you sense a fundamental love, trust, and desire to be with your partner, but need more connection, spark, and vitality between you?
  • Do you yearn for more depth, meaning, and life in your everyday connection with your partner, but struggle to see how it could blossom again?

If you lack openness with your partner in everyday life, or if neither of you has your fundamental emotional needs met, it can affect your mutual attraction and desire for each other. It can be felt in your intimacy.

When you seek my help as a couples therapist, you’ll receive practical tools to establish both the space and the deeper connection that can make room for intimacy, life, and closeness in your relationship.

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What’s Needed to Cultivate More Intimacy?

The situation preventing you and your partner from experiencing deep intimacy, usundt parforhold, can be resolved. I can help you create new life between you in a way that brings you closer together in the process.

You and your partner cultivate more intimacy by:

  • Gaining insight into what intimacy means for you and your partner and how you need to live out that part of your relationship for it to feel meaningful to you.
  • Practically training to recognize when you and your partner want to invest more in your relationship and getting concrete techniques to open and close the energy flow.
  • Getting inspiration on how you can practically make room for the whole individuals you both are – without adding to or subtracting from your personalities.

This is where couples therapy helps.