Dreadlocks Hairstyles
  • April 17, 2023
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Are you in search of simple dreadlocks hairstyles that can help you achieve a chic and effortless look? Dreadlocks are a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that allows you to express your unique style. In this article, we will explore the basics of dreadlocks and share ten easy and stylish dreadlocks hairstyles to keep you looking fabulous.

The Basics of Dreadlocks

What are Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that involves sections of hair that have been matted and compressed into rope-like strands. They can be created with various techniques, such as backcombing, twist and rip, or free-forming. Dreadlocks have been worn by various cultures and people throughout history, and they continue to be a popular hairstyle choice today.

How to Maintain Dreadlocks

Maintaining dreadlocks is relatively easy compared to other hairstyles. Regular washing, gentle palm rolling, and separating the locks are essential for keeping your dreads healthy and looking great. It’s also crucial to use the right products, like residue-free shampoos and lightweight oils, to maintain the overall health of your hair and scalp.

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Simple Dreadlocks Hairstyles

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is perfect for those who want to keep their dreadlocks off their face while still showcasing their length. Simply gather the top half of your dreads and secure them with a hair tie or clip, allowing the bottom half to hang loose.

Half-Up, Half-Down

2. Dreadlocks Ponytail

A classic and straightforward hairstyle, the dreadlocks ponytail, is an excellent option for those seeking a polished look. Pull your dreads back into a high or low ponytail and secure them with a hair tie. You can also wrap a lock around the base of the ponytail for added style.

Dreadlocks Ponytail

3. Dreadlocks Bun

For a chic and sophisticated look, try a dreadlocks bun. Simply gather your dreads into a ponytail, twist them around the base, and secure them with a hair tie or bobby pins. This hairstyle works for both casual and formal occasions.

Dreadlocks Bun

4. Side-Swept Dreads

Side-swept dreads offer an elegant and romantic look. Part your dreadlocks on one side and sweep them over the opposite shoulder. Secure the loose strands with bobby pins or hair clips if necessary.

Side-Swept Dreads

5. Braided Dreads

Braiding your dreads is another way to achieve a unique and stylish look. You can create simple three-strand braids, French braids, or even fishtail braids with your dreadlocks. Experiment with different braiding techniques to find the perfect style for your personality.

Braided Dreads

6. Dreadlocks with Accessories

Accessories can add a touch of flair to your dreadlocks, making them stand out even more. Try adding beads, hair wraps, or decorative cuffs to individual locks, or incorporate headbands, scarves, and hats to complement your overall look.

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Dreadlocks with Accessories

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7. Dreadlocks and Shaved Sides

For a bold and edgy style, consider shaving the sides of your head while leaving the top and back covered in dreadlocks. This look is perfect for those who want to make a statement and showcase their unique style.

Dreadlocks and Shaved Sides

8. Dreadlocks Updo

An updo is a sophisticated and versatile way to style your dreadlocks for special occasions or to change up your everyday look. Experiment with different updo styles, such as French twists, braided crowns, or chignons, to find the perfect style for you.

Dreadlocks Updo

9. Dreadlocks with Bangs

Adding bangs to your dreadlocks can create a soft, romantic look. You can opt for straight-across bangs, side-swept bangs, or even wispy, textured bangs to frame your face and add some variety to your dreadlocks hairstyle.

Dreadlocks with Bangs

10. Free-Form Dreadlocks

Free-form dreadlocks are created by allowing your hair to naturally lock up without using any specific method. This results in a unique and organic look that is entirely your own. Embrace the natural beauty of your free-form dreadlocks and enjoy the low-maintenance style.

Free-Form Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are an incredibly versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that can be easily adapted to suit your individual style. With these ten effortless dreadlocks hairstyles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect look that combines chic and simple. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and accessories to create a unique and personalized appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do dreadlocks take to mature?

The maturation process for dreadlocks can vary depending on your hair type, maintenance routine, and the method used to create them. Typically, it takes around 6 to 12 months for dreadlocks to fully mature.

  • Can I change the style of my dreadlocks after they are formed?

Yes, you can change the style of your dreadlocks by braiding, twisting, or incorporating various accessories. Just be gentle when manipulating your dreads to avoid causing damage.

  • Is it possible to remove dreadlocks without cutting them?

While it can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, it is possible to remove dreadlocks without cutting your hair. You’ll need a lot of patience, a comb, and a good conditioner to carefully comb out each dreadlock from the tips to the roots.

  • Can I dye my dreadlocks?

Yes, you can dye your dreadlocks just like regular hair. However, it’s essential to use a gentle hair dye and ensure that you thoroughly rinse the dye out of your dreads to avoid any buildup or residue.

  • Do dreadlocks damage your hair?

When properly maintained, dreadlocks should not cause significant damage to your hair. However, neglecting proper care and maintenance can lead to issues like breakage, thinning, or scalp irritation.

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